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Episode IV – A New Blog

It is hard to believe that it is nearly ten years since I ran my own blog on my own platform. But now the time has come to start again.

So welcome to the New Blog, where I will be covering a wide range of topics from Cybersecurity and Security-by-Design, Multicultural and Multifunctional Leadership, as well as my usual spattering of all thing Geeky and Tech that catch my fancy.

It’s not that I haven’t been active in the Social Media circles over the years, posting my views and opinions on all these topics. I am however increasingly finding that relying on Facebook, LinkedIn and Co to spread my message also makes me part of the (un-)social tendencies that these networks are starting to amplify. Now don’t worry if you are using those channels to keep up with me. I will continue to post to those channels and allow you to follow and interact.

Interaction is also an important part of the messages and stories I wish to tell. So please do feel free to comment and interact with this content using all the sharing, commenting, and following capabilities that the platform provides. Feedback and (constructive) criticism is, as always, more than welcome.